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Coach-Led Fitness Programs


Have Fun. Get EWfit! A daily one-hour class including dynamic warm-up, workout and post workout activities. This program is designed to get you Fit and Healthy without using the complex gymnastics movements, heavy weights and barbells that are included in our Power program. The workouts are constantly varied and change daily. The workouts tend to be longer metabolic conditioning workouts.


This program focuses on building strength, toning muscle and helping you get fit and healthy. This program will utilize the best components of the Olympic Weightlifting (Clean + Jerk, Snatch), Power Lifting (deadlifts and squats) , Dumbbells, Kettlebells, body weight movements like pull-ups and push-ups, and cardio endurance (bike, running and rowing). The workouts are constantly varied and will always include a strength component.


30 minutes of cardio, light weights and bodyweight movements. Suitable for all ability levels. You will get a great sweat, burn calories and have a fun experience. No barbells, no heavy weights. Designed to burn fat, tone muscles and get you moving in a group class setting. Typical movements / equipment used are Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Rowers, Running and bodyweight movements such as push-ups, ring rows and squats.


This is a program built specifically for you and your needs. Coach Jeff Higuera and his team will conduct a private screening, movement examination, goals review and build a program specifically designed for you. The personal coaching team will be available to coach you during your workouts and answer any questions that you might have.

Additional Programs

Nutrition Programs

Advancing Healthy Lifestyles through Coach-Led Fitness & Nutrition

We are updating our brand to ensure that we are providing a well-rounded platform for members to get Fit and Healthy at OneEW Fitness. We are excited to announce the addition of Nutrition Counseling and Nutrition Guidance. We partnered with the premier brand in the Nutrition industry that specifically works with functional fitness studios and CrossFit gyms.

We offer two main nutrition programs:

Fitness + Nutrition & Fitness + Nutrition Light (app based)

Mobility & Rehab Services

Working on both a macro and micro level, Rehabilitation Specialist Mike Gerometta utilizes a focused approach to preventative maintenance and post-injury rehabilitation.

Services offered:

Manual Therapy
Graston Technique & Active/Myofascial Release
Corrective Exercise Specialist
Rehabilitation of Injurys

Cupping & Electrical Stimulation